Frequently Asked Questions

Is Snacaroni easy to make?

Yes, Snacaroni is very easy to make. Simply add boiling water, stir, leave for 5 minutes, stir again and enjoy!!

Can I enjoy Snacaroni on the go?

Yes – Snacaroni comes in a super-convenient 75g pot format which you can take with you wherever you go. Simply add boiling water, and enjoy!

Is Snacaroni gluten free?

No, unfortunately Snacaroni products are not currently gluten free. Keep an eye out for any Gluten Free products in the future!

Does Snacaroni come in different flavours?

Yes, Snacaroni currently comes in two flavours: Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Real Cheddar; and Monterey Jack & Fiery Chipotle. Keep an eye out for our upcoming new flavours!

Is Snacaroni suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, our two flavours Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Real Cheddar and Monterey Jack & Fiery Chipotle are both suitable for vegetarians.

Is Snacaroni suitable for children?

Yes – so long as care is taken to ensure the product isn’t boiling hot when served!

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